Monday, March 30, 2009

Recent Failures

Last Saturday Jenny and I decided to go to the Hare Krishna Festival of Colors. I didn't know how much of a BYU thing it is to do. Every year, BYU students hop onto I-15 South and head to Spanish Fork to run around like maniacs throwing colored chalk at each other.

Afterwards everyone comes home, updates their Facebook profile picture to show just how much chalk they got on them, and makes fun of the 'pagans' (used as an insult). Do I seem bitter? Maybe its because I hate the disrespectful ignorant approach to what other religions hold sacred.
Anyway, Ever since taking my Eastern Religions class I've wanted to go to one of the many festivals held at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple because now I know what everything means...unlike hundreds of BYU students chanting "Hare Krishna" (good job guys). So we were set on going. We got on the packed freeway and proceeded at 5 mph for the next half hour. We got off the exit Google maps told us to, wondering why everyone else was taking a later exit. We started looking around for the temple, it was supposed to be to our right. Suddenly the road started winding up into the mountains. Maybe it was on the other side of all of the housing development? It had to have huge grounds to fit all of those people. Flashbacks of declining Brian's offer to bring along his GPS he bought to navigate Seattle (we'd still be there begging on the streets for food and directions without that thing) were haunting my thoughts. You know when you hit red rock you've gone too far. Realizing that we were far off the beaten path up Price Canyon, Jenny started texting chacha and google like a mad woman while I reflected on how grateful i was to have filled up my tank recently. Eventually we stopped, flipped around and drove back down, finding ourselves in Springville. A series of confusing and frustrating events led to us giving up and going back to Provo where we went to the ward untalent show. Even though we didn't make it, neither of us was too sad about not making it there after seeing tons of people on campus hours after the festival, still covered in their chalky status symbol shirts.

For spring break Brian, Jenny, and I headed up to Jenny's parent's house. Brian and I went to Seattle for a day where we went to the aquarium (letdown...), various stores on the pier, and of course Pike Place Market. I was so ready for this trip. I somehow managed to remember my camera even! There were tons of colors, the water was beautiful even though it was a stormy day, the city is perfectly photographic...and all i came home with was this -
River Otters. Failure indeed

New to the Blogging World

I've been toying around with the idea of making a blog for a while, today i finally caved. Really, what reason do I have to make one? Do I have children to post pictures of? No. Do I have interesting talents to share? Not really. Does my family need the play by play because I live thousands of miles away? Nope, though I'm sure my mother would say the phone calls home could be a little more frequent. Mostly I felt I should make one because (confession) I blog-stalk. Somehow allowing others to more easily stalk me (because facebook is not enough...) makes me feel like I have the citizen right within the blogging community to peruse other's pages during my down time. I just happen to have a big family and like to know what they're up to. I also might like to keep track of friends I don't get to see so much anymore. Thats all. See? There's no shame.
Anyway, there here it is - a blog where you can see all the exciting moments of my school-work-sleep-school-work-sleep life lived in what feels like foreign language housing.
Let's hope my life is interesting enough for this!

If not there's always that delete button...