Monday, March 30, 2009

New to the Blogging World

I've been toying around with the idea of making a blog for a while, today i finally caved. Really, what reason do I have to make one? Do I have children to post pictures of? No. Do I have interesting talents to share? Not really. Does my family need the play by play because I live thousands of miles away? Nope, though I'm sure my mother would say the phone calls home could be a little more frequent. Mostly I felt I should make one because (confession) I blog-stalk. Somehow allowing others to more easily stalk me (because facebook is not enough...) makes me feel like I have the citizen right within the blogging community to peruse other's pages during my down time. I just happen to have a big family and like to know what they're up to. I also might like to keep track of friends I don't get to see so much anymore. Thats all. See? There's no shame.
Anyway, there here it is - a blog where you can see all the exciting moments of my school-work-sleep-school-work-sleep life lived in what feels like foreign language housing.
Let's hope my life is interesting enough for this!

If not there's always that delete button...

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