Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Lately my Biology teacher has us watching these "The Shape of Life" movies about 'the rise of arthropods' and the 'struggle for survival'. know, those movies from your Jr. High/High School bio class with the real footage and real scientists , but yet it still has that horrible music and super animated objects floating around the scientists? Its like the magic school bus, except for older kids.
While the movies are dumb, its about 10 times better than listening to the super opinionated LDS kids in my class try to convert my blatantly anti professor who responds with comebacks like "religion is for the weak-minded", "Heavenly beings are constructs of society that some people use to make excuses" or my personal favorite - "Prove it to me with science" (always reminds me of Nacho Libre...)
The focus of the movies are to talk about how things adapted and evolved, however I think real purpose and goal is to make me crave seafood.

Every other scene in the movie is a lobster, crab, shrimp, or misc. ancient ancestors of the 3 battling it out for survival. For some reason, while watching footage of a crab demonstrating a superior adaptation by cracking open the shell of some nasty sea snail, all I see is this:

Mmmm...King Crab! If only I could eat you every day :(

Even the ancient sea scorpions of old are similar enough to remind me of this dear friend:

Hello Delicious!

Even segments about fish are bad!

oh sweet sushi heaven...

Basically every day I leave Biology hungry...I don't think that should happen.

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  1. So biology never left me feeling hungry. Grossed out maybe, but never hungry. Glad that you can see the positives.