Thursday, April 16, 2009


It figures.
A couple weeks after starting a blog about my life in Provo I decide to move to Salt Lake. I'm going to SLCC in the fall to continue my pathetically long journey towards a Bachelors Degree. I figured I could stay here in Provo at a job I hate and take my chances on yet another batch of roommates (lets just say I'm cursed when it comes to roommates), OR I could move home, quit my job, not pay rent, and find a new job. It sounds pretty loser when you put it like that, but really its whats working for me right now. It's time to move on.
Oh Provo, you and I have had some times together:

Like going to the dollar movies for 25 cents
Or finding a roommates prenatal vitamins
Getting hit by a truck in the crosswalk on my way to work (and escaping with a couple of bruises)
The ten minute long techno Yo-Yo ROUTINE from the ward talent show
The Ginkgo trees around the WILK that smell like vomit for 3 weeks every year
Discovering why the internet would slow way down every night at 7. Turns out that was when the World of Warcrafters started their all night gaming marathon
Gaining a greater appreciation for Febreeze
Not being afraid when the carbon monoxide detector goes off
That one time when I lost a ton of money thanks to a shady landlord and the worst roommate ever (For real. You may think you can top it, but you can't. No one can take that title from her)

And so many other more positive things not listed here. It wasn't all bad. Just mostly hilarious and shocking.
I think I've experienced all Provo has to offer.
Except bowling at the student center, but I lived in Freshman housing so that covers it.

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  1. You're moving back?! YYYEEEESSSSSS!! I am still thinking about some sweet for living at home, it's better than crappy roommates. That's just my own opinion.